Moroccan Black Soap

Beldi Moroccan Soap

beldi black soap morocco benefits ingredients with flavour

Moroccan black soap is a clayey paste 100% Olive Moisturizing soap Natural Unscented with added eucalyptus and lavender... used in hammam traditional and spa for an exfoliating the skin by removing dead skin and toxins.

  • Product Origin: Morocco
  • Type of treatment: 100% Natural
  • Ingredients: Water (Agua), · Olive oil, · Black olive extract, · Potassium hydroxide.



Moroccan Black Soap enriches with minerals that help to purify the skin from deep. It makes skin extremely appealing and smoother. Although Moroccans use a different black soap for centuries, our Black Moroccan Soap is completely different, resulting in healthier and brighter skin. Its dark creamy texture helps to remove dirt and toxins from the body. It is widely used in various Moroccan Spa as an important beauty product.

Moroccan soap is an essential beauty product for our everyday life. We can’t imagine a single day without soap as it is a hygiene issue. our black Moroccan soap is something different.

So, in a nutshell, we can say that Moroccan Black Soap is a beautiful exotic item from the traditional hammam.

We take it as part of our skin treatment.

  • Features: It’s a natural herbal product. It’s enriched with vitamin E hence excellent for moisturizer.
  • Use: Body, and Hair
  • How to use black soap

    After 15 minutes of a hot bath, steam room, or hammam, using only plain water, apply soap on a warm, and wet body. Avoid the face and eyes. then rinse with warm water. Your skin is now softer and easier to exfoliate, get ready for a scrub with the Kessa glove.

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