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Prickly Pear seed oil Morocco

Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil is the Beauty Secret for the newest Beauty elixir from Morocco, and the most expensive oils in the world, Anti Aging Moisturizer.

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Cold-Pressed Moroccan Organic Argan oil

Buy wholesale organic Argan oil direct from Morocco in Bulk - Exporter of natural Beauty products, Pure Cold-pressed Unrefined-Deodorized of the argan tree.

moroccan rhassoul clay powder benefits

Moroccan Ghassoul Lava clay Powder

wholesale for Moroccan lava clay Powder contains high levels of magnesium potassium. Facial Mask, and oily sensitive and tired skin, and a natural cleanser.

beldi black soap morocco benefits ingredients with flavour

Moroccan Black Soap with Olive oil

Moroccan black soap beldi with olive oil is a 100% natural plant product. traditionally used in hammams to gently cleanse the skin with Kessa Exfoliating Glove.

beard growth oil with jojoba and argan

Moroccan Argan oil for Beard Growth

Wholesale Moroccan beard oil hair treatment high-quality cold-pressed. Made with pure virgin castor oil natural and organic ingredients, to keep beard smooth.

moroccan argan oil beauty hair treatment serum cosmetic

Moroccan Argan oil Hair treatment Serum

Hair argan oil is a Great oil for scalp massage, Moisturize your hair, Nourish hair roots. and protect your hair from everyday damage split ends and keeping.

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MOQ : 50 Pcs for Private label


Private label Skincare Manufacturer

Our company provides skin and body care for Professionals who sell our products under their own brand name. This is often referred to as OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturer).


  • 01 - Explore, Evaluate & Test Products
  • 02 - Select Packaging from In-Stock Collection
  • 03 - Create & Finalize Logo & Product Label
  • 04 - Be Creative - Name Your Product
  • 05 - Place Your Order & Start Selling
  • 06 - Marketing, Collateral Materials & Training
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Developing a reputation as an expert is one of the best ways to get job insurance. Because we all know that integrity, honesty, and extensive expertise are the right way.

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  • Moroccan organic products based in the heart of Marrakesh, In southern Morocco, Our Organic beauty Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Oil factory benefits the world with its experience.

  • 100% pure, Moroccan organic Argan oil, Prickly pear seed oil fresh-pressed, directly from its native source in Morocco.

  • Our Company is leading in the manufacturing of specialized, professional quality products that meet the demands of the day and resort spa, medical spa, and eco spa markets. has established itself as an industry leader in the development of cutting edge formulations and product innovation with Mother Nature, 100% natural certified pure products.

  • Knowing that well-being combines health & beauty provides a range of quality products And at reasonable prices, whether cosmetics or Edible.


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